Bridging the
physical & spiritual

Alison is an award-winning Intuitive Medium & Teacher who uses her gifts to facilitate a connection




Hi! My name is Alison Shine.

You can think of me as your guide, gatekeeper, and guru on this journey into the spiritual realm.

I help people just like you connect with their higher self and spirit guides in a peaceful and personal way. Humanity is going through a shift in consciousness and it is no coincidence that you are feeling a pull to find deeper answers.

All of your experiences have a divine purpose and I am so happy that you have been guided here into this sacred space.

Are you curious what the other side has to say?

Do you want to clear the cycles that no longer serve you?

Do you feel like you are on the verge of a shift?

You have come to the right place.

With light,


“A great deal of love flows through Alison, and through her channeled writing you can feel it. She is a top-notch gifted medium and energetic healer. She can accurately identify where you are on your path & give guidance on what’s to come next. She takes on a great sense of responsibility in her work, exercising clear ethics, and communicating as much with gentle sensitivity as with tactful truth and honesty when it is called for. She is a healer and spiritual guide of great integrity. For those ready for and seeking reliable, insightful guidance, you will be blown away in a session with Alison.”



A reading with me is like having a conversation with the other side and your higher self simultaneously. This is where big discoveries and shifts are born. If you want to learn about your higher purpose and see what’s developing on your path, let’s connect.



Meditation is the direct portal to your soul. The process of raising your vibration allows for massive healing and transformation to take place on a deep level. Follow me on this journey toward clear chakras and open possibilities. Coming Soon.

I always feltI had a gift.

For as long as I can remember I could feel more, see more, and hear more than than. I was a deeply empathetic, sensitive child and would often feel overwhelmed around large groups of people….