I always knew I had a gift.

For as long as I can remember I could feel more, see more, and sense more than others. I was a deeply empathetic, sensitive child and would often become overwhelmed around large groups of people. It was much easier for me to connect with animals or spend time in nature thinking by myself. I used to love staring straight up into the sky letting my mind wander about the size of the Universe. I always had a sense of “oneness” with everything around me.

I also had a big purpose.


My grandmother was highly intuitive.

During the 1950’s when spiritual practices were seen as taboo, my grandmother was seeing energy healers, psychics, and gurus. She was gifted herself and had an ability to see things from a higher perspective.

She passed down this wisdom to my mother.

I can still remember the voices of key players in the new age community emanating from the dash of our 1987 white Honda Accord. I was soaking in knowledge about the power of manifestation, mindfulness, and meditation for as long as I can remember.

My mother responded to my childhood woes with higher wisdom. She instructed me on breath-work and visualization techniques and taught me about the laws of the Universe. By age 7, I was channeling healing light as commonplace as brushing my teeth or riding a bike.


I suppressed my abilities.

I became entranced with spiritual topics and by age 10 I was routinely perusing the new age aisle at the local book store. One time I brought a book to school and got in trouble by a teacher who thought I was doing witchcraft. I was so embarrassed and ashamed that I shut down my gifts and kept all spiritual topics a secret. Even though the adult world was conditioning me to believe that being different was wrong, playing with magical ideas felt so right.

I learned how to navigate the masses as a teenager by blending in. I excelled academically and was popular, but no matter what I always felt different. I hid my authentic self and I couldn’t seem to find the light. I ended up attending a large university and joined a sorority. I achieved leadership positions on campus and made the dean’s list regularly. I was doing all of this while working two jobs and paying all of my bills.

Somewhere along the way though, I realized that I wasn’t really achieving what I thought I was. 


My spiritual awakening.

When I graduated from college I was freed from the expectations of an organized curriculum. This is when the walls of illusion came crumbling down. Out of nowhere, just like that, a wave of spiritual experiences took over my life. Big time. I’m talking impossible coincidences, intuitive dreams, and messages from my loved ones and spirit guides. I didn’t know how to hold the reigns, but I knew I was being guided somewhere for a reason.

Suddenly and unexpectedly, my three closest friends passed away back to back. For the first time in my life I understood the depths of grief and I had a new perspective on spirituality. I coped by speaking with them all day and learned how to receive messages back from them. My intuitive gifts were reignited.


I needed to heal in order to become a healer.

I felt I had a purpose to usher in a new age of awakening about sensitive children. After all, I was a sensitive child myself, so I understood all too well the struggles that come with having a misidentified gift. I became a behavioral therapist for children with developmental disabilities. I was highly sought after in the community because of my ability to accurately read the energy of non-verbal children. The days were long and draining, filled with constant panic and crises intervention. I was working 50+ hours a week, traveling long distances, and barely making ends meet. I was completely drained and had nothing left to give, so I quit. 

5 weeks later my partner left. I was floored.

I found myself broke, abandoned, homeless, and jobless all in one instance. I moved in with a friend and didn’t know what to do with my life.

A month later I developed a severe and debilitating autoimmune disease. I was in constant agonizing pain with severe fatigue that limited my abilities to live a normal life.

I was at my physical, emotional, and spiritual rock bottom.


Near death experience.

During my lowest point, I felt compelled to call my father and open up about what I had been going through.

“I just called to say I love you.”

“You could have a heart attack tomorrow and I would hate for that to happen without telling you that I loved you.”

36 hours later, he had an unexpected massive heart attack.

He was immediately rushed into emergency triple bypass surgery and the list of complications was long. 

He declined and I was told by his doctor that it was time to say goodbye, but an angel saved him that day. He miraculously recovered and the first thing he said to me when he woke up was, “How did you know?”. It was a miracle.


My dreams came true.

I decided then and there to start the business I had always dreamed of. I dove head first into my spiritual studies. I consciously chose every thought and action to be of service to humanity and my advancing gifts. I dedicated my life to connecting with Spirit.

I leaped. I vowed to live my life with intention. I filled my time with mediumship courses, meditation classes, automatic writing and journaling, transformational books, and guided meditations. I found new meaning in the crystal collection I had been slowly gathering for the past 10 years.

I took control of my autoimmune illness journey and began visited regularly with a holistic nutritionist, chiropractor, hypnotherapist, physical therapist, and nurse practitioner. Through a variety of supplements, a nutrient-dense diet, regular yoga and pilates, physical therapy, and meditation my health turned around completely. I now have energy and a zest for life I never knew was possible.

From the split second I started living my soul's purpose, the right people came into my life at the right time. Clients were showing up left and right and the amount of abundance that flowed in effortlessly was beyond my wildest dreams. I couldn’t believe my eyes, but the reviews kept pouring in.


Manifesting miracles.

That very December (9 months after I quit my old job!) I won first place in a site-wide contest amongst 1,700+ Intuitives as the most life changing advisor. When I first heard about it I remember saying “I’m going to win. I don’t know how, I just know I’m going to win.” I let it go to the Universe and low and behold, one of my client’s anonymously sent in the winning submission.

I received the results while I was on a second date with my soul mate. There are no such thing as coincidences. We have been happily together for four years now and just bought our dream home together. Everything in my life has fallen into place since.

I now spend my days hanging with my two mini dachshunds, living in a vibrant city, walking the nature trails behind my house, working wherever and whenever I want, meditating in my meditation room, and assisting others’ on their own spiritual journeys.


This is where your new story begins…

Soul growth is not all fun and roses. It’s thorns, and despair, and struggle.

Believe me, I lived it.

Sometimes we need a spiritual push up the ladder. It's as easy as that. The answers are not always available for us to see right now in the physical, but beyond, the possibilities are limitless. That is where Spirit comes in to help. You have an abundance of angelic beings working in your life who are ready to transform it with and through you. It’s time to start up the conversation and get your life moving to a higher dimension.

I found the light and have helped hundreds of other beautiful souls like you find it, too.

I am still writing my story, but right now it's not about me.

This is about you.

This is where your new story begins...



Alison is an award-winning Intuitive, Medium, and Spiritual Development Teacher who uses her gifts to facilitate a connection between the physical and spiritual realms. From a young age, she has had the ability to receive intuitive awareness and spirit communication from the other side. With over a decade of development training and 3,500+ professional readings performed to date, she delivers compassionate guidance in a non-judgmental space of healing. After receiving her BSW in counseling, she spent many valuable years as a behavioral therapist and service dog trainer for children with developmental disabilities. She is certified as a Seraphic Attunement Instructor through the Lightarian Institute and is an Ama-Deus Energy Healing Practitioner. In January 2016, Alison was awarded as the site-wide winner of’s Seasons of Gratitude Contest based on anonymous client submission of most life changing advisor.

Alison works directly alongside her spirit guides to deliver detailed messages about life events, path, and purpose. Her gift as an Automatic Writer allows for spirit driven text to be channeled through her via chat and email. As an Evidentiary Medium, she conducts in-person and live distance readings to connect others with their loved ones on the other side. With a purpose in teaching others how to grow their own abilities, Alison provides 1:1 coaching and founded Soul Circle, a series of spiritual development courses. Her personal mindfulness practice commits to daily meditation, yoga, and writing.