Chakra Cleansing

Chakra Cleansing


Recorded Meditation Coming Soon! Journey into your energetic makeup to heal imbalances within your chakra system.

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Recorded Meditations Coming Soon


The Sanskrit word for wheel, chakra, describes an energetic center in the body that is connected to various aspects of your life path. These seven energy centers work together in unison in order to maintain a perfect balance of health and wellness. Through the emotional and physical strains of life, our chakra centers can become imbalanced, overactive, or underactive. You will know this is you if there is one aspect of your life that feels incredibly “stuck”. Restoring your natural energetic receptivity is important in order to attract and fully express the areas you want to expand on. All of our physical, emotional, and spiritual experiences can be improved and healed through working with the chakras. Be it your physical health, finances, relationships, sense of self, emotional wellbeing, career, or communication, all are encoded in your energetic makeup. This is also by far one of the most powerful ways to amplify your spiritual gifts and open yourself up toward receiving direct guidance from Spirit.

I use very specific and unique visualization techniques learned over the years in order to bring your well-being into full balance and restoration. This is a private and intimate guided live meditation session with me where I will walk you through each chakra center to assess, restore, and balance your individual needs. The tools you learn will benefit you greatly in your evolving meditation practice moving. All meditations are sent via email as as a pdf audio recording for you to listen to time and time again. Follow me on this journey toward restoration, activation, and transformation.