Intuitive Soul

Intuitive Soul


Take a deep dive into your life path and discover the energetic patterns in your relationships, career, and soul purpose.

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Your soul carries an array of energetic information about where you are headed on this journey called life. Whether it be your spirituality, life purpose, relationships, interests, goals, fears, or dreams, all are encoded in your evolving vibration.

In your soul contract, you chose to incarnate on Earth to have the opportunity to create a destiny of your very own choosing. You also gave yourself specific windows of experience to navigate through for the purpose of ascension and growth. When life becomes overwhelming or confusing, it can be incredibly eye opening to take a peek into what has been evolving and what is being created.

Getting an Intuitive Soul Reading is like giving yourself the gift of a conversation with your higher self.

“The level of deep insight, detail, and most of all empowerment Alison provides is off the charts! This goes way beyond simple predictions and positive highlights – it’s about me finding the way to my true self and allowing the events, people, circumstances, & feelings I’ve always wanted to show up for me. Alison has given me the map my heart wants me to follow, and the more I do, the more things continue to open up & unfold in a tremendously positive way (even and especially when things appear to be not working out). So thankful for Alison beyond words!!”

This reading is for you if you have ever wondered:

  • What is my purpose?

  • What do my spirit guide want me to know about my life path?

  • What karmic lessons did I sign up for?

  • How am I progressing through them?

  • What can I do to facilitate healing relationships in my life?

  • How can I advance my innate spiritual gifts?

  • What ways of living and being are supporting my highest path?

  • How can I attract more abundance into my life?

How does an Intuitive Soul Reading with me work?

Intuitive Soul readings are delivered via audio call, chat and/or email. After purchasing, you will receive a confirmation email with a direct link to schedule. Your reading will take place on Zoom.

In your reading, you get:

  • 1 hour audio call/chat or a 10-12 page pdf email.

  • Details about each aspect of your life path including: soul lessons, career, purpose, relationships, and spiritual development.

  • Personal messages of guidance and healing.

After your reading:

  • You will receive an audio recording or written transcript of your reading to refer to time and time again.

  • A closing meditation will take place on my end to facilitate additional healing.

When can I expect my reading?

Audio and chat readings can occur as soon as one day after purchase. My turn around time for email readings is no more than one week.

“Everything she says is so on the nose and I’m very appreciative of her total honesty and forthright, positive guidance. It’s so important to me to be able to understand the high-level reasons behind certain events and behaviors, and that is precisely Alison’s style and gift. Though my personal situation has been confusing and disappointing lately, I left my reading today feeling so positive, guided, empowered, and full of the knowledge that everything is coming together exactly as needed.”