Spiritual Journey

Spiritual Journey


Recorded Meditation Coming Soon! Raise your vibration and journey through the levels of the Universe.

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Recorded Meditations Coming Soon


The Universe is made up of a very specific hierarchy of consciousness amongst it’s various dimensions. Through meditation, we can tour these realms and meet with our spirit guides, loved ones, angels and other givers of light. This is by far one of the most powerful ways to amplify your spiritual gifts and open yourself up toward receiving direct guidance from Spirit. It will begin with a full chakra clearing where you will learn the expert methods and techniques to raising your vibration and connecting with Spirit.

I use very specific and unique visualization techniques learned over the years in order to bring your consciousness into full awareness every step of the journey. This is a private and intimate guided live meditation session with me where I will walk you through each angelic level to receive messages for you. We will make a special visit into the Archangel and Ascended Masters level at the top of our tour, before making our way back down. The tools you learn will benefit you greatly in your evolving meditation practice moving forward. All meditations are sent to you via pdf to your inbox. Follow me on this journey toward consciousness raising, enlightenment, and awakening.