Reunite with your loved ones on the other side in a peaceful, validating, and intimate way.

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I have discovered that speaking directly with our loved ones on the other side can be the most profound and healing experience out there. My method and delivery incorporates an abundance of validating evidence, so that your loved one(s) presence can be confirmed without a shadow of a doubt. This is an opportunity to have a back and forth conversation with someone you love and miss.

Getting a Mediumship reading is like giving yourself the gift of a reunion.

This reading is for you if you have every wondered: Are my loved ones still around me after they cross over? Do they want to communicate with me? Do they have any messages for me? The answer is YES! You are surrounded by the presence of your loved ones on the other side, and even in this moment, you might feel they have something they want to tell you. Most often, that is exactly why you landed here!

“I’ve never experienced speaking with someone who has such a clear connection to my loved ones as Alison does. It’s such a game changer, and has validated so many important aspects of my life. I am in awe of her gifts!”

How does a Mediumship Reading with me work?

Mediumship readings are delivered via audio call for a more personal and direct experience. After purchasing, you will receive a confirmation email with a direct link to schedule. Our reading will take place on Zoom.

There is no guarantee on who will show up, this is up to the spirit world! Over the years, I have found that there is always a higher purpose for why someone specific decides to come through in the reading. All of your loved ones are with you consistently and endlessly.

Currently, I do not offer group readings.

In your reading, you will receive

  • A 1 hour audio call.

  • Evidence about who is coming through for you such as their physical appearance, interests, personality, name, cause of passing, and shared memories.

  • Personal messages of guidance and healing.

  • An opportunity to ask questions and receive answers.

After your reading:

  • You will receive an audio recording of your reading to refer to time and time again.

  • A closing meditation will take place on my end to facilitate additional healing.

When can I expect my reading?

Readings will be mutually scheduled and can occur as soon as one day after purchase.