Angel Cards

Angel Cards


Find out what your angels want to say to you. A unique intuitive experience with oracle messages.

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Oracle cards have been used for centuries as tools to connect with divine wisdom. I work intimately with an assortment of angel card decks that are specifically geared toward each individual person’s energy. I love working with angel cards because of the distinct messages they provide, paving a way for additional intuitive insights to be added.  Based on your energy and questions I will choose a specific deck for you.

This reading is perfect for you if you are looking for simple and direct guidance.

Getting an Angel Card Reading is like having an angel whisper in your ear.

Her ability to dive deeply into events, feelings, intentions, and circumstances with such detail always astounds me.”

This reading is for you if you have ever wondered:

  • What energetic themes are occurring in my life?

  • What direction should I be taking?

  • What do my angels want me to know?

How does an Angel Card Reading with me work?

Sacred Relationship readings are delivered via audio call, chat and/or email. After purchasing, you will receive a confirmation email with a direct link to schedule. Our reading will take place on Zoom.

In this reading, you get:

  • 1 hour audio call/chat or a 10-12 page pdf email reading.

  • Personal angel cards selected just for you.

  • Details about your life path.

  • Personal messages of guidance and healing.

After your reading:

  • You will receive an audio recording or written transcript of your reading to refer to time and time again.

  • A closing meditation will take place on my end to facilitate additional healing.

When can I expect my reading?

Audio and chat readings can occur as soon as one day after purchase. My turn around time for email readings is no more than one week.