Speaking with Spirit: Mentorship & Mastermind Program

Speaking with Spirit: Mentorship & Mastermind Program


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Here’s a recap of everything you get:

This is a virtual 6-week immersion program for those that are ready to develop and deepen their mediumship abilities.

I will be teaching all about the fundamentals of spirit communication in a fun, easy-going, and personalized way. 

You will learn well researched techniques as well as my own personal tricks to communicating with spirit guides, angels, and loved ones on the other side.

What You Get:

-1 Complimentary Soul Immersion Call (Valued at $80). 

This is a 30 minute private Zoom call with me. We will be taking a deep dive into your soul purpose, goals, and gifts. This will help me tailor a program perfect for you and your needs. You will walk away with a deepened sense of clarity about the path ahead.

-4 Classroom Style Zoom Calls (Valued at $960). 

This is where the magic happens. We will meet every two weeks a 1.5 hr development class. You will be able to connect with other like-minded souls ready to support your journey. This means giving (and getting!) practice readings to each other.

-Biweekly Take Home Practice Exercises (Valued at $180). 

This is where you will bridge your skills from the classroom to the real world. Expect to step outside of your comfort zone a bit and release any blocks of fear that were once holding you back.

-A Wealth of Educational Materials and Resources (Valued at $390).

This is a collection of my tried and true techniques and practices that I have learned over the past 10 years. I have compiled it all in an easy to read way, so you will feel fully guided throughout your learning journey.

-Access To The Speaking with Spirit Private Facebook Group (Priceless).

You will have a sacred place to share stories, experiences, and personal breakthroughs. This is your cozy corner of the Universe to chat all things signs, synchronicities, and coincidences.

-Everlasting Friendships and Community (Priceless)

The connections you make here will support your journey forever. 

-Lifelong Value of Spirit Communication. (Priceless)

You will always have the ability to connect with your guides, angels, and loved ones at ANY time from here on out.

-6 Full Weeks of Personalized Attention With Me (Total Value at $1,610) 

I am fully dedicated to YOU! You will be a part of the first ever group to be graduating from this program. So, you can expect my 100% unconditional support during our time together.

Because you will be a part of the FIRST group of taking this program - you are automatically locked into the one-time introductory price of $499.99 (Originally valued at $1,610)!

The price will be going up for the next round of students, so you don’t want to miss out on this offer!

I’m excited to have you along for the journey!

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